• oli oliva

Olive oil

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History of the olive oil In the basin of the Mediterranean, the Egyptians, hititas, Phoenicians, and Greeks, already knew the [...]

  • oli pompeia

Oil of Pompeia

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L'oil of Pompeia is not very known, but certain that from reading east articulate no will forget you his multiple [...]

  • vitaminac

Nutricosmetic, Vitamin C

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This week we will talk about Vitamin C because it is so important for our health and beauty. Do you [...]

  • freiraceitecorrectamente

Everything what you need to know to fry correctly

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On having been cooked, always the food loses nutrients and vitamins and the way in which we cook them they [...]

  • mans1

The importance of washing our hands

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To wash our hands will avoid us to pick up virus and illnesses or that other persons contract them of [...]

  • pie-diabetico

What is the foot of the diabetic?

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The diabetic persons have a high concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood. In the course of time this can [...]

  • celulitis-principal

The cellulitis

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The cellulitis I In this one and in other following post we will speak about one of the biggest problems [...]

  • cuidar-piel-1

Like taking care of the skin after the summer

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The summer has already ended and with it these beach days, the sun, chats in the patios of the bars [...]

  • sindrome-post-vacacional

Post-holiday syndrome

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We are already to halves of September and the majority we have taken a vacation, further or closer to house, [...]

  • Tornada a l'escola

Beginning the return to the school

By |15 September 2016|Categories: HEALTH|

For many of us, the real one "turned to the school" starts today, with the beginning of the new school [...]