The cares of the skin in the summer

Now that it comes the good time and loves us take the sun, give you some councils that will help [...]

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SPD (Personal System of Dosage)

Than sleep the SPD? A SPD mainly a help to take the medication and avoid the error, him oblit of [...]

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Profits of the coffee

Many of us take one or several cups of coffee by the day and to a lot few people does [...]

Threads tensors II

How they apply the threads tensors? The threads apply of way personalized in function of: Type of skin Level of [...]

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The beer

Which better ally in the summer that a good blond, frothy and cold beer. The beer is an alcoholic drink [...]

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What is yogurt? It is a product of semisolid consistency where the most important phenomenon is the transformation of lactose [...]

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The Micropigmentation

What is micropigmentation? Micropigmentation is an aesthetic specialty of permanent makeup and its purpose is to embellish, correct or improve [...]

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What is microblading? Microblading is a beauty treatment that allows perfect eyebrows through the technique of semi-permanent makeup made hair [...]

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The dandruff

The dandruff is the formation of dead cells that form in big blocks and are seen like leather crusts formed [...]

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  • proteccionsolar

What photoresist advice?

It's amazing offer that exists today in photoresists, great news for all those who are normal photoresists are cortitos, and [...]

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