For these days of heat and with the boys for house, than better that do home-made and healthy ice creams.
We leave you four councils of why is better to do them home and already are you putting at work to go reading the recipes and go doing your home-made ice creams!
Why it is better to do the ice creams home?

– We know at first hand all the ingredients that brings.
– We save us ingerir colorants, estabilizantes and aromas, apart from having fatter how bring the commercial ice creams.
– Do the ice cream home is very convenient for who have any intolerance, alimentary allergy or problems of sugar. Podemos Elaborate the ice creams with ingredients without lactose, without egg or without sugar.
– You can add the ingredients and flavours entirely to your taste.
– Freezing more gustosos.

Like doing freezing home

The best to do delicious home-made ice creams is to have of one heladera, but how no all the people has this appliance the recipes that leave you can do without need of her. The problem of not having heladera is that the work is more painstaking and long, with one heladera can trigar between 25-40 minutes to do the ice cream whereas without her can trigar between 3-4 hours, having besides that move constantly the mixture.
Exist another fast and practical method to do home-made ice creams of a simpler shape, this method is known as a technical “no churn” (without mantecar).
In that case we go you to acarnissar do freezing of vanilla, one of the ice creams that more triumph.

Ingredients for 1l of freezing:

– 400 grams of condensed milk
– 1 cucharadita of essence of natural vanilla
– 480 ml of cream to mount

Preparation of the Ice cream of Vanilla:

– In a bowl mix the condensed milk with the essence of vanilla. It is recommended that treat of a natural essence, without added.
– In a big bowl vertemos the cream and beat until mounting it.
– Once have mounted the cream aggregate him the mixture of the condensed milk and the essence, mix until achieving homogeneity. The resultant texture is type burns or purée, without clots.
– Freezing smart! Now it is necessary to pour the “cream” in one recipient, put film transparent in the surface in contact with the ice cream and cover with it tapadora. It is

recommended to use one recipient metallic and wider than high, so that the process of freezing was faster, which thing will help to the fact that our ice cream was more cremoso. The ice cream has to be in the freezer on 4-5 hours roughly.
This is the simplest recipe, but can add true tocs of flavour adding in the step 1 some liqueur, for example, this will help to the fact that when take out the ice cream of the freezer was not excessively hard. Also we can add trossets of cookie, chips of chocolate…
Once have smart our ice cream can serve it such qual, add any topping or use it as a complement in other dessert how it brownie, coulant, etc…
Second way to do freezing:

The other more complex way to do it as if had one heladera is the following:

So it will be necessary to carry out inventive methods that do that our ice cream prepared manually reach to be the most seemed to the obtained with it heladora.
It is a method that perhaps was the most tedious, since it is necessary to be pending of the ice cream a few hours. It would realise , with the recipe chosen, the cream base of the ice cream and would leave cool well. Next it places in one recipient with lid, of plastic or of stainless steel, and would put it to freeze.
To the forty-five minutes roughly, stir up with one espàtula or rods to undo the crystals of ice that begin to form. Return to the freezer. It repeats this operation each thirty minutes until the ice cream freeze . It could be the case that it bring between two or three hours because it was smart.

Now go you to teach do dust Flash (dust of ice)

propose You some home-made poles of fruits, in concrete, of two flavours: strawberry and orange.

Ingredients (for 10-12 dust):

– 250 g of sugar
– 250 ml of water
– 250 g of strawberries
– 2 oranges (200 ml of juice)
– 1 lemon


– Do a syrup: Put the sugar and the water to heat in a casserole and bring the mixture to ebullició. When it boil, go down the fire and bake it during 2 minutes. Withdraw of the fire and leave that it temper .
– Squeeze half lemon and place in the jug batedora. Add the strawberries and triturar.
– Pour the half of the syrup and follow triturando. Reserve the result.

– Squeeze the other half lemon and the oranges. Pour the other half of the syrup and mix well. Reserve the result.
– Helping you with a funnel, fills up the exchanges for freezing flash. You can put in each mould a label with the flavour and the date of preparation.
– Cierrar pressionant The edges and enter in the freezer until they solidify.
It is important to not to fill them until on top because when freeze the volume increases.
Where buy the exchanges for freezing flash

These moulds for flash can find in skilled tents accessoris of cooking. Also they can buy online, where there is different options: reusable or single-use exchanges.
Encourage you do your home-made ice creams and go up a photo to your social networks with
it hashtag #FarmaciaYanguela

What have a rich and saborós summer!