Origin / History

Yanguëla, the oldest pharmacy in Castellar del Vallès started in 1892 and took the name of Josep M. Yanguëla, pharmacist and lover of botany, who acquired the pharmacy in 1940.
As was typical of the time, the small pharmacy had a classical appearance with wooden furniture, decorative wooden wall panels and bottles of the preparations in view.

As well as the pharmacy, Josep M. Yanguëla had other passions, amongst others, the sea, on which he travelled around the whole of the Mediterranean. Each time he returned from his travels he brought a suitcase full of knowledge from the Mediterranean; the thousand-year-old recipes for ointments, creams, and traditional remedies from the countries he visited. He shared those ancient concoctions with his friends and his daughter Maria Luisa, who was also a pharmacist, and later with Tania, his Granddaughter, who, like her Mother had become a great accomplice in the elaboration of the different mixtures and the running of the apothecary.

Tania remembers: “When I was 15, my Grandfather taught me the beauty of the ancient remedies. He showed me how to adapt them to the modern principles, without forgetting ancient but active ingredients: Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Salt, Aloe Vera…”. Since she was a small child, Tania was always nosing around in the activities at the service desk, and exploring the goings-on in the pharmacy. Her father said he used to entertainer her by letting her sit on his knee whilst he worked or called to the wholesaler (using one of the old disc telephones) to order the medicines.

Afterwards they would go into the laboratory, where father and daughter made different formulations of cosmetics and perfumes on top of a huge counter made from pale coloured stone, using the old fashioned weighing scales and weights, mixing it all with a pestle and stone mortar. It was a fun game for her! Making creams and lotions then packaging it, playing with the aromas and letting them “marinade” in the opaque jars filled with alcohol in the basement….it was a factory of dreams.

Since 1993, Tania R. Yanguëla is in charge of the pharmacy. From her mother she inherited the insatiable curiosity for knowledge, and from her grandfather, the passion for the Mediterranean. Passionate traveller, interested in other cultures, she keeps the founding spirit of the Farmacia Yanguëla alive.

“We have not woken up from that dream. The factory continues with an exceptional team… and the game that we started in that laboratory has grown and thrived.”