Surely in any occasion when have been cooled will have said us or will have listened that to relieve this feeling of nasal congestion and mucus use seawater, now will see the why.
The itching of nose, the cough, the excess of mucuses, the sneezes… are own symptoms of the flu and the catarrhs that can relieve with a good nasal washing with seawater or saline solution. In this way, we will achieve emptying the respiratory roads and will avoid pulmonary complications. Nevertheless, although it treats of a simple task, is indispensable to do it well because it arise his effect reparation.

History of the nasal washing:

The nasal washings are a remedy used since the antiquity to relieve the nasal congestion. This practical was begun to use in the ancient India, as a part of the medicine Ayurvedic.
As the World Health Organisation, the medicine Ayurvedic together with the Chinese traditional medicine, are two of the valid medical systems more ancient of the world.
The nasal washings were called “hala neti” in language sanskrit, which thing means “nasal cleaning”.
They say that this practice is the secret ayurvedic for the general health and the long life.
They realised dissolving marine salt in pure water and tibia in one atuell neti (neti pot), designed especially for this.
To realise this proprietary nasal washing, indicated to bend the head to forward and to one side. Like this, the salty warm water went in for a nasal pit and went out for the other.
They considered that with this, the nasal pits and the sinuses paranasal were cleaned of the excessive mucus, rubbish and toxins. The five organs of the senses and the necessary energy for the sensory experiences, were optimised of this shape.
In the oriental cultures (especially it hindú) realise the nasal washings as a measure of usual hygiene. Instead, in the western culture, it irrigation nasal is a sporadic practice, that uses usually babies and small boys but that in adults employs only as a remedy infront of the occasional nasal congestion caused by catarrhs, allergic processes, etc.

Profits of the nasal washings:

The nasal washings or irrigations of seawater have multiple profits,
Between his profits are:

  • Relieve the nasal congestion, typical of the colds.
  • Elimination of the excessive mucus and the pollution of the nasal pits and sinuses paranasal.
  • Help to prevent illnesses of the respiratory roads.
  • Contribute to avoid the nasal dryness and to prevent infections for this road.
  • Relieve the colds, allergies and sinusitis.
  • Achieve that the nose was properly humidified.
  • Co-assistant In the treatment of bad of heads and migraines.
  • Avoid the feeling of drowsiness, on the mend the mental clarity, since the people sleep better.
  • Contribute to improve the symptoms of the bronchial asthma, especially at night.

Different type of nasal washing owner

Like realising the nasal washings of correct shape:

it Is indispensable to count with a device to powder the nose. It can be one perilla of rubber, a bottle comprimible or a solution of seawater isotonic already prepared specifically. They all They find available in the pharmacy.
Steps to follow:

  • Place the head on the toilet bending it softly leftwards.
  • You do not forget you to breathe for the mouth.
  • Enter the filter of the device in the right nasal pit and press-it because the seawater arrive to the nose.
  • Mattering adjust the inclination of the head because the solution arrive good to the throat or to the hearings.
  • Repeat the process with the left nasal pit
  • To finish, it is necessary to sound the nose softly to withdraw the water and the remaining mucus
  • In the pharmacies exist different type of physiological saline solutions and seawaters that can use to do the nasal washings. The main difference is that the seawater contains mineral salts and oligoelementos with beneficial properties for the nasal health.

    Why seawater?:

    What distinguishes the seawater of the water chlorinated or the one of river is the quantity of nutrients that contains. Nowadays, the seawater obtains to some latitudes and depths perfectly studied. To continuation
    subject to processes of reduction of salt, to adapt it to the composition of the mucosa, and to processes of debugging, doing physiological, that is to say, adapting it to the functions of the beings organic.
    The nasal washings with seawater recommend :

    • To clean the nasal pits of all the family daily (even pregnant and bebès)
    • To decongest of natural shape in cases of flu, cold, allergies, sinusitis…
    • Realise nasal washings before using some medicines, how which come in aerosols, since it will help to the fact that the nasal pipes absorb better the medicines.

    In definite, is a simple technician but that in some cases can require of some practical, especially if we realise it to him to one baby. A bit at a later date of this article will give you some councils to wash him the nose to the smallest.

    Profits of the pure seawater against it rhinitis and it sinusitis

    It rhinitis is one affective or disorder that it affects to the nasal mucosa, and that between other symptoms related produces an uncomfortable itching in the nose, sneezes, obstruction and secretions nasal. The most common is it rhinitis allergic, attended that the main factor that causes his apparition are the known how aeroallergens , especially the acaruses of the present dust to our house.
    Whereas, it sinusitis, consists in the inflammation of the sinuses paranasales, that are the cavities hollow that we find in the bones that surround the nose. Usually it is caused by an infection viral, bacterial, fungus or simply for an allergic reaction.
    The symptoms of it sinusitis are equally characteristic, since it is common that appear a pain in the maxillary sinus that perceive especially in the cheekbone or produce pain of teeth in feeling in the upper dental arcade.
    How we see, these two disorders have something in common: they affect to our upper respiratory roads (especially to the nose), occasional annoyances related how can be the presence of mucus and therefore nasal congestion, problems to breathe properly, nasal itching…
    Precisely the pure seawater is of big utility in the treatment of it rhinitis and it sinusitis. In case of rhinitis is an useful option because it reduces the excessive dryness that can cause the apparition of crusts, acting how analgesic and inflammatory reducing the inflammation and the pain associated to these.
    Attended that in his composition find us with different elements that act on it waterproofing of the mucosa, possess an action anti allergic and stimulating of the phagocytosis, and besides tend to act directly on the function immune of our organism.
    But these qualities are not the only, attended that in addition to reinforcing the natural immunity of our body is entirely able to help us to delete it mucus of shape effective thanks to that exerts a very interesting mechanism of drag of them secretions, fluidising to his turn the viscous mucus.
    The pure seawater is an excellent natural antibiotic and bactericide, quality that translates that it is able to delete those bacteria that they are harmful for our organism, but respecting those bacteria that yes are good.
    Besides, it is a wonderful anti allergic , so that his application is useful in allergic people because it helps to reduce it hypersensitivity to different allergens. In this sense the seawater turns into an excellent natural option, since it helps to diminish the consumption of medicines related how for example the antihistamines.
    In case of runny nose (flow or abundant broadcast of liquid for the nose) and bleeding nasal the seawater also is indicated, since it diminishes the irritation of the fabrics, assistant to his turn to regenerate the cells and to disorders the different fabrics of the nose.